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Next Steps for the beginning of School

During parent orientation, parents were given a number of forms to sign and return. All of the forms are due at Back to School Night on August 9th between 4-6pm. Parents are not required to attend the whole time, but rather drop in to meet their learner's learning facilitator and pick up their device.

The following forms need to be returned at Back to School Night:
  • Parent/Guardian Technology Use and Responsibilities( Blue)
  • Student Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Guidelines (Blue)
  • Learner Agreement (Yellow)
  • Handbook Acknowledgement (White)

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Tracking Attendance

Learning coaches are required to keep daily attendance of the activities their students are completing. Attendance will be tracked in the online learning system (OLS), which is accessed through the learning coach log in screen. Learning coaches will track the activities their students do online and offline. For students in 6-10th grade, the online learning system tracks the student's activities in the course as long as they are logged into K12. Any offline course work will need to be recorded by the Learning Coach. Examples of offline work includes, reading a novel, creating a powerpoint, researching on a library database, etc. Offline work includes any work that is done outside of K12.

Students in K-5th grade will need to have all online AND offline work recorded by the Learning Coach. According to Nebraska Department of Education, rule 10, students in K-8th grade are expected to participate in 1,032 hours of course instruction throughout the school year; and, students in high school require1,080 hours.

Time spent at the Learning Center/Campus on the student's designated day does not need to be tracked in the OLS for attendance. Our Learning Facilitators are responsible for tracking the attendance weekly, with a report of total hours available upon request quarterly. Learning Coaches are required to track attendance for student work completed at home, during online lessons, and at times of intervention support.

During the first weeks of school, there will be learning sessions available to learning coaches to assist in tracking the attendance properly in the K12 system. We encourage all learning coaches to attend to ensure they understand the process.Check out this video on how to track attendance.

How to access attendance on K12

Core Values: Accountability

Our 6th and final core value of OVS is Accountability. Our program is different than the traditional school setting, as most school work is done at home, and driven by the learner and learning coach. Learner's progress is monitored by our learning facilitators, virtually. It is the learner and learning coach's responsibility to ensure the student is progressing through the course materials. Our learners are held accountable by themselves, the learning coaches and learning facilitators. When a student is falling behind on their coursework, school staff will reach out to the learner and learning coach to assist their needs that are impeding their learning and therefore their progress in a course.

As a public school, we are held accountable by the state to ensure that our learners are learning. Therefore, we have to hold our learning coaches accountable through tracking attendance hours daily. Logging attendance allows us to see how your student has been working outside and inside of the K12 system. We understand our student's learning is not only done through the K12 system, but also through experiences they have in life! Since our school staff are not with them all day, it is imperative attendance hours are recorded to catch all of these experiences.

What does accountability look like for your student? What does it look like for yourself? Depending on the age of your student, this will look different. Discuss these questions with your student prior to the start of school so they are aware of how our core values fit in with what they value.

Upcoming Orientation Schedule

K-10th Grade

The last parent orientation will be held Monday, August 13 form 1:30pm-4:00pm at 4640 S 59th St. It is required that you attend one of the Parent Orientations before your student can begin classes.

During the parent orientation session, staff will review updated policies and procedures in our student hand book. We have enhanced our procedures for the upcoming school year, so it is important that all families attend. Please sign up HERE for the session you are planning to attend.

K-8th Grade
As part of student on boarding, parents and students are required to attend a Back to School Night on Thursday August 9th, 4-6pm. This is a drop-in event and families do not have to stay the whole time. During this event,families will have the opportunity to meet their student's Learning Facilitator and pick up their device and accessories. Students must pick up their device prior to the first day of school.

Omaha Virtual School

Mission: OVS is committed to empowering life-long learners by developing collaborative relationships. Within our community, we provide an innovative, personalized learning experience. Success in this mission will cultivate critical thinkers who have the tools to contribute to a changing global society.

Vision: Future ready, today.

Core Values: Growth Mindset, Positivity, Collaboration, Integrity, Accountability, Self-Advocacy