Engage and Learn February 26, 2016


What a week!!

With all the snow, I know so many are scrambling to get finished up before the next week testing! If you need anything, please let me know!! I would love to help!

Even though we did get snow this week...it could always be worse.

Weather Map Displays 1000+ and 2000+ Degree Temperatures! Too funny! Fox 10 Phoenix.


On top of the amazing participation for Digital Day!!!

Mr. McPherson making movies with Adobe Capitivate and Camtasia!!

Mrs. Endres for using video and timing to help her students draw disney characters! Also differentiating and allowing them to choose which one will be their best effort.

Mr. Irvin for reminding me how great Socrative!!

I had soooooo many people I was supposed to meet and help create some amazing things! I will have to share them next week. :)


Monday: Culver

Tuesday: Argos

Wednesday: Triton

Thursday: Argos (Tech EdCamp after school in the library)

Friday: Triton


OH MY GOODNESS! ANYONE FLIPPING A CLASS NEEDS THIS!!!!! Come talk to me about getting a grant written for this!!

Swivl demo with ActivPanel