GT Update News: Edition 12

for Mrs. Anderson's Crew


for saving your recyclables and sending them in for our Think-a-Palooza event. I know this is the time of year where there are lots of requests, so I greatly appreciate you taking the time and contributing to making this school-wide event a success:)


Last week in fourth grade, they planned for next week's announcements. We were successful in getting all of our technology working correctly, and were able to stream Karen and Maddie's movie trailer to announce a local event at The Colony library this past weekend. Take a look below, they did such a great job!

This week, fourth grade will create "knows and needs to knows" for our new unit: self-awareness, through the study of adversity. They will also continue to develop their LISD e-portfolios. We figured out how to customize the main page:0 Then, they will begin a narrative piece.

LISD One-Legged Obesity Challenge

The challenge was for all students in LISD, on Tuesday, to stop and stand on one foot for two minutes straight without falling. WE DID IT in fourth grade!! They even videoed it:)
Obesity Challenge


Last week, fifth grade finalized their unit one self-awareness projects and they began presenting them. We also began our new unit about innovations. I was also excited to "let the cat out of the bag" and tell them about the robotics competition and the opportunity to go on our field trip this Thursday. It is an understatement to say they were excited!!! I KNOW I AM SUPER EXCITED ALSO!!! It would mean so much to both them and myself if your families are able to make it work and allow them to participate in the competition in January.

First thing's first though...we go to Career Center East this Thursday to design and program our robots and to practice/prepare for the competition. Please make sure your child brings BOTH permission slips and the intent to participate form sent home with them last Thursday. Take a look at the video below that Mr. Feighny's students created and sent over to us.

Food Frenzy


Last week third grade finished their Nearpod lesson about Renaissance art and completed their mosaics. Then they completed an acrostic poem inspired by interpreting a famous painting, Icebergs. This week they will complete a mural summarizing art during the Renaissance period. Each week they will continue to create a piece of art from each period in order to develop their own museum.
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