Mustang Minute

Montgomery Elementary School


Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten Registration will be rescheduled at a later date, but you may still pre-register at the link below to enroll your child for kindergarten for the 2020-21 school year. Your child must be 5 years of age by September 1, 2020 to start kindergarten. You will first create an account, then log in to enter the required information. We will reach out to anyone who has registered online to schedule an appointment time when the date has been determined.


As we approach the second half of our school year, please be aware that if you are planning to volunteer for any school day event, which include FIELD TRIPS, RACE FOR ED, and FUN DAY, you must complete and submit the following clearances to the Tuscarora School District Human Resources department:

Volunteer Registration Form

Child Abuse History Clearance

PA Criminal Record Check

Act 24 – Arrest/Conviction Form

Federal Criminal History Record Check

Tuberculin Test Results Form

Mandated Reporter Training (instructions provided in Volunteer Letter)

Volunteer packets with clearance applications, forms and directions, are available in the school office and on the school district’s website at (select Montgomery > Parents tab). Some applications may take several weeks to process, so plan accordingly to obtain volunteer approval before end of year activities take place.

If it has been longer than five years since completing one or more of your clearances, they may have expired and must be renewed before you can continue to volunteer.

Attendance Policy

As we enter cold and flu season, please be aware of the attendance policy in regards to returning notes for your child's absences from school.

Attendance Policy: In keeping with PA state regulations and the Tuscarora School Board policy #204, absences shall be treated as unlawful until the school office receives a written excuse for the reason of absence. Written excuses must be submitted to the office within three days of the absence. Even if you have communicated with your child's teacher regarding an absence (by phone call or class Dojo), a written note for the office is still required.

If the office has not received a written excuse for your child's absence, you will receive a call/text from the district's notification system, as a reminder to send in a note with a reason for absence. Sending a note by email is also an option at the following address -

More than three unlawful absences could lead to notification of the local magisterial district judge, as well as a referral to the County Children and Youth Agency. If you have any questions in regards to attendance or written excuses received, please contact the school secretary at 328-2023 ext. 2400.


  • Include child's first AND LAST NAME on any notes sent from home.
  • When your child is absent from school, a note stating the reason for the absence must be submitted within 3 days upon their return to school.
  • Notes should be sent anytime you are planning to pick up your child for an early dismissal.
  • Notes for sending your child home on a different bus should be limited to emergency requests.

Student Drop-off Procedures

If you transport your child to school in the morning, please allow our buses to exit the bus ramp before dropping off students. Then, pull up to the sidewalk along the flagpole to let children out of your vehicle, and exit out the middle driveway. Avoid driving around buses and vans that arrive later.


Board Policy: #237 (Electronic Devices)

Students are not permitted to have electronic devices in school, on school property or at school-sponsored events. School Board policy prohibits use of personally owned electronic devices any time where use of the device would cause a disruption of either in-school or extracurricular activities as determined by the administration. The district shall not be liable for the loss, damage or misuse of any electronic device brought to school by a student.

Electronic devices may be used for other reasons determined appropriate by the building principal.

Cellular phones that have the capability to take photographs or record audio or video are not permitted to be used during the school day in district buildings. Additionally, any device that provides for a wireless unfiltered connection to the internet is not permitted to be used during the school day in district buildings. The use of cellular phones is prohibited during school hours. In an effort to accommodate parents and students, possession of a cell phone will be permitted under the following stipulations:

The cell phone must be in the “off” mode and not visible during the school day.

The use of cell phones will be allowed after the close of the school academic day.

Violations of this school rule will be addressed by the building administrator. The Tuscarora School District is not responsible for lost or stolen phones.

District Policy on Food Allergies and Classroom Celebrations

Tuscarora School District is a food allergy aware school district. This letter is to inform you that there are several students at our schools who have potentially life-threatening food allergies. The most common allergens that can cause anaphylaxis are peanuts; tree nuts; milk; egg; fish; shellfish; soy and wheat. Eating these foods, even in trace amounts, may cause a severe reaction (anaphylaxis) that can lead to death. Sometimes even touching contaminated surfaces may cause a reaction. School staff have been trained to recognize such a reaction and to administer medication (epinephrine) in an emergency.

You can help staff and students by helping your child understand the foods they freely enjoy can be dangerous to others. Equally important, however, is to let them know they can support their classmates by eating and handling food responsibly.

Here are a few suggestions for you as parents:

· Never take food allergies lightly; they can be serious and life-threatening

· Tell your child, “Do not share your snack or lunch with classmates.”

· Please communicate with your child’s teacher BEFORE sending any food to school (other than their lunch)

· Tell your child to get help from an adult immediately if a schoolmate has a reaction

There is a policy that has been approved by the Tuscarora School Board which states birthday celebrations may be held ONCE per month per classroom. Please communicate with your child’s teacher about when this will happen. We will be enforcing this policy throughout the elementary schools.

We will also be enforcing the following:

· Only store-bought items will be served for birthday celebrations. We encourage healthy food items or non-food items to be shared for birthday celebrations.

· The school nurse WILL review all ingredients before food is served. PLEASE NOTE: even if the word “nuts” does not appear in the ingredients list, it may be noted on the item somewhere that the food was prepared in a facility where nuts are present. These items will not be allowed due to possible presence of nuts in the food.

· Food will be served in the café on a day at the teacher’s discretion (all birthdays for that month will be celebrated in one day)

If you have questions or concerns, please contact your building principal. Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.


Ryan Kaczmark & Brett Kagarise,

Principal Principals

Mercersburg & Montgomery, Mountain View & St. Thomas

Parent & Student Handbook and Acceptable Use Policy

The Parent & Student Handbook and the Acceptable Use Policy (for computer and internet use) is posted on the Tuscarora School District / Montgomery Elementary School website. We are asking each family to review both documents online so you are familiar with the expectations we hold for parents, faculty, staff, and students. If you wish to receive a hard copy of either document, please send a note to school with your child or contact the school office at 328-2023 ext. 2400.

To access the Parent & Student Handbook and Acceptable Use Policy:

TSD website -; Select “Montgomery Elementary School” under the "Schools" tab. Both documents are available under the “Students” tab.

Signatures will be required at the beginning of the school year, that you have reviewed and understand the rules and policies within each document.

ELEMENTARY MEAL PRICES for 19-20 School Year

Breakfast - $1.55, Reduced Breakfast - $.30

Lunch - $2.55, Reduced Lunch - $.40

Milk - $.45

School Day Hours

7:20: Doors open

7:35: Announcements and Breakfast is done being served

7:40: School day starts

2:10: Dismissal starts