January 2019

Reserve your spot - join us for Green University January 18th

Come spend all or part of your PLC day on January 18th at Green U and earn professional development hours!

The Office of Sustainability is excited to bring you a fun day full of activities, learning and networking. Green U is designed to give you opportunities to meet and work with Sustainability Champions at schools throughout the district. There is no cost to attend and breakfast, lunch and fun give-aways will be provided.

REGISTER HERE - food and session preferences

InspirED registration - for full or partial day credit

January 18, 2019

(PLC day)


Shiloh House Event Center

9700 E. Easter Lane

Centennial, CO 80112

January Sustainability Partner - The Bees Waggle

Did you know that there are over 1,000 native species of bees in Colorado? Bees help us in many ways -most importantly in their vital role as pollinators. Jessica Goldstrohm founded The Bees Waggle to educate students and adults about the importance of bees and how we can easily provide critical habitat to help the bee populations thrive. Want to hear more and learn amazing bee facts? Jessica will speak at Green U on January 18th. Can't make it? Visit for more information!

Spotlight School of the Month - Northeast Elementary

When we asked Kara Tidemann, Principal of Parker's Northeast Elementary School, who the school sustainability champion was, she had an interesting answer for us - the entire 5th grade! Northeast Elementary School started a 5th grade Project Based Learning opportunity based on environmental sustainability. The 5th graders learned what sustainability is and how they could make a difference by taking the information they learned through their research and in a 5-part Sustainability Speaker Series and created their own sustainability project. Students formed groups and presented their project ideas at a community PBL showcase night. See some of their projects below. Special thanks to 5th grade teachers Michele Burnett, Bobbi Reini, Brittanny Thoendel and Audrey Welsh!

Looking for an eco-friendly New Years Resolution? Decrease your Plastic Use.

National Geographic and 60 minutes are the most recent large organizations using their notoriety to educate the public on the increasing problems due to plastic use. The largest culprit? Single use plastic.

Ways you can decrease plastic use:

  • Skip the straw!
  • BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag of course!)
  • Refuse to buy products with excessive packaging
  • Buy and use reusable water bottles and travel mugs
  • Pack your lunch with reusable containers
  • Bring your own containers for restaurant left overs

Every time you choose to use less plastic and teach your students to use less plastic, you make a difference!

60 minutes - Plastic Plague

60 minutes recently aired a 23 minute segment highlighting the effects of plastics in the ocean and describing why reducing and refusing is a much better solution than recycling. Missed the original airing? Click above to see "Plastic Plague"


We are excited to have our first all school up-cycle challenge. Students K-12 interested in taking part of the up-cycle contest should simply sign up and start creating their project to enter in the competition. The projects will be displayed and judged at Earth Day Extravaganza at Mountain Vista High School from 4:30-7:00, April 24, 2019. There are 3 different categories to choose from for your project. Choose your topic that you are interested in and transform your old material, hard to recycle items, or recyclables it into solutions for the following categories. There are several prizes that will be awarded. Projects will be judged on the most useful, innovative, functional, fun, creativity or best design.

Can you guess?? What is the link between tigers and pesto?

Or lemurs and vanilla ice cream? This World Wildlife Fund article explains how what we eat may be impacting eight different animal species. Click on the article below for these connections and more!