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May 22, 2023

This is Justine Carter, principal of The Virtual Academy @ Randolph with several important announcements for the week:

This week begins End of Grade (EOG) testing for students in grades 3rd-8th grades. Parents and students-please review your Google Calendar EVERY DAY this week to see how your schedule has been adjusted to accommodate EOG testing and travel time to and from The Virtual Academy @ Randolph.

TUESDAY, MAY 30th: All students in grades 4th-8th will come to The Virtual Academy @ Randolph at 8:00AM to take the ELA EOG.

WEDNESDAY, May 31st: All students in grades 3rd-5th will come to The Virtual Academy @ Randolph at 8:00AM to take the Math EOG.

THURSDAY, June 1st: All students in grades 6th-8th will come to The Virtual Academy @ Randolph at 8:00AM to take the Math EOG.

FRIDAY, June 2nd: All students in grades 5th and 8th will come to The Virtual Academy @ Randolph at 8:00AM to take the Science EOG and select 3rd graders will take the Read To Achieve exam.

Parents please be mindful that the Google Meets are for students only. Learning coaches who are helping need to remain off the camera.

Parents and Students: All teachers have office hours during the school day where they are available to assist students and/or conference with parents and/or students-No appointment is necessary. The Google Meet always appears available on every student’s Google Calendar. Please encourage your students to attend office hours when they need assistance with their work or more 1:1 assistance.

Parents and students-Our MER-ving slideshow continues to grow everyday! Please continue to send us pictures and/or videos of your child MER-ving this weekend-(using math, engaging in exercise or physical activity, and/or reading). MER-ving supports our big initiatives this year, which are math, exercise, and literacy. Please check out all the AWESOME 6th grade diorama projects that are posted on the MER-ving slideshow as well.

Please use our website for up-to-date information-the calendar at the bottom has ALL important dates/events listed for the whole school year.

For attendance questions, contact Mrs. Pugh.

For social emotion questions, contact Ms. Chriscoe

For TECH help, contact Mrs. Ricks-Sanchez

These are all our announcements for the week and we look forward to seeing our Voyagers Monday morning at 7:50AM in their Google Meets. Have a GREAT week Voyagers!

Stay Connected!

Parents-please check our website and all social media outlets to stay informed and for up-to-date information for the 2022-2023 School Year.

School Improvement

Parents, if you have school improvement concerns and/or ideas you wish to be addressed at our monthly School Improvement meetings-please email Mrs. Carter until further notice.