Health and Saftey in a Care Home

For Non-Direct Care Workers

Why is Health and Safety Important for Non-Direct Care Workers?

Care homes are different from other workplaces because they are not only places of work
but are also homes for their residents. It is therefore important that they are
places where the freedom and dignity of residents is respected, and
where everyone’s health and safety is effectively managed.

Every single employee has rights and responsibilities for their own wellbeing and for that of their colleagues and residents. Even though you will not be directly caring for service users, health and safety is still very important in your job role. This poster will help you to understand health and safety in all types of non-direct care jobs in a care home.

The Role of Non-Direct Care Workers in Maintaining Health, Safety and Security.

Health -

To maintain health in a care home you must follow hand hygiene procedures, maintain a high level of service users cleanliness and use appropriate protective clothing.

Safety -

To maintain safety, you must have a safe storage and disposal of waste products including sharps, bedding, medicines and confidential records. There must also be safe storage and use of substances hazardous to health and safe storage of equipment such as knifes, domestic appliances and gardening tools.

Security -

To maintain safety, all calls and deliveries should be monitored, unsafe areas kept out of bounds and ensure entry and exit procedures are carried out such as signing in and out.

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