How To Escape a Minotaur

Minotaur Attack


How would you escape a 7 in a half foot tall greek mythological creature that is charging at you with a 5 foot axe. How would you survive the attack. The thing is all is here on how to do so so read on and be prepared for the worst. The minotaurs destiny or myth was that he was killed by Theseus.

The Minotaur

A minotaur is a creature half man half bull. It could be hard to escape a minotaur quick and clean. But there are ways to escape a miotaur with the correct moves and ways. Everyone has a weakness. A minotaurs weakness is there size. But being part bull is a speed charging advantage.

How To escape a charging minotaur

Once a miotaur charges he is not able to move the charging direction during the charge. If there is more then one person with you the less he will attack unless he has a spesific target. Minotaurs have only one target at a time. Killing a Minotaur is possible Minotaurs are mortal creatures, but it can be hard to kill one.

Minotaur's Abilities

A procative Minotaur can initialize a bull rush. In here you want to provoke the Minotaur to make him attack if you have a right move with you and a move you know you can pull off.

How to escape a minotaur

1. As I stated before the minotaur only charges in one direction and will have difficulty to change while in charge mode. Move out of the way.

2. The minotaur has speed of a bull so its better to be or try to take the beast to a place with lots of obstacles.

3. Make sure to have a weapon that has power enough to kill the beast.

4.The move that you will pull shouldent be a fighting move but a stragetic move.

Then if the minotaur runs into something or gets trapped you will have the chance to kill the monster.


To Sum Up a minotaur if deafeat able and following these steps can save you a ton. And maybe even your life. So watch out for the minotaur and keep close attention.