Kicking it gOLD SCHOOL!

Let's get back on track by getting back to basics!

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...I'm taking it back to the old school
'Cause I'm an old fool who's so cool
If you want to get down
I'm gonna show you the way whoomp there it is
Let me hear you say

(and now that song is stuck in your head - you're welcome!)

It's back to school week for most and WE, Glowing Stones, are about to KICK IT gOLD SCHOOL!!!! Just as this is a fresh start for kids and teachers alike, it's a rebirth in our business. Lazy Summer days are gone and whether we like it or not, there's routine in our life again. And that's especially good for us as independent business owners, because let's face it - without routine and structure we can get pretttyyy lazy (speaking from experience!)

Since starting my S&D business six years ago, I've learned a lot and MANY things have changed. When I began we got a paper guide with a fictional character named Tallulah Toughlove (yes I'm serious) that had some basics on how to get started. THAT'S IT. Maybe a few training videos sprinkled in - but no Stellaverse, no FB groups, no Dottie, no gorgeous website, no style tips from Rachel Suter - NONE OF IT! In fact, social media was just really beginning and no one really texted that much yet, so when you wanted to get in touch with someone to book or sponsor you had to email and pick up the phone! You had to connect personally. You had to send Look Books via snail mail. You had to work those trunk shows like crazy. You had to send Hostess packets. You had to be your own advocate and train yourself.

And guess what? Those basic business fundamentals are STILL what's going to move you forward today! The tried and true methods that helped me build my business into something I'm really proud of you are all still here and available to us, and they are what we should be focusing on FIRST! Before posting on IG or FB or SnapChat. Before shooting a text blast out to people. Before creating a FB event for a trunk show. It's old school BUT IT WORKS!

So this week we're going back to basics, and I'm partnering with four other senior leaders of this company that have all had 5+ years of business behind them to share with you some top tips. These are basics that we used in the very beginning to help us build - and that we still do to this very day! You're going to hear from Amelia Fragnito Keely, Sallie Holder, Missy Hauck Bryan& Lauren Brown Sigler - all leaders that have personally sold over $100K last year and have teams of 300+. These are all around S&D rockstars and I'm so excited that we get to hear how they turned their $199 starter kit into a thriving, lucrative and joyful business!

To make this FUN we're going to be doing lots of throwbacks too, so get ready to relive your childhood this week on our team FB page! (I can't wait!!!!)

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Kickin' it gOLD school!

Krista Demcher

Star Director

Proud leader of The Glowing Stones