Ozaukee Youth Hockey Association

Start of the 2020-21 Season and Keystone Winners

It's almost time for a new season!

As the new season approaches, we are all excited to see our skaters back on the ice again. No matter what it brings, we wanted to take time to honor last year's Keystone Award winners and have them remind all of us what makes the game so special! If you haven't signed your skater up yet for this season, there is still time. Go to the following link to register your player.

2020-21 Ice Dog Registration

Each season, every player casts a vote for teammate that they identify as their team's Keystone Award Winner. The following statement is provided to players to help them identify the right teammate. Each year a Keystone Award is presented to one player from each team. The recipient is selected by his/her teammates. This award is given to the player of each team who has shown good sportsmanship, a good work ethic, always encourages his/her teammates, is respected by his/her teammates, and represents the team with good team spirit when traveling to tournaments or games (away or home). This player is not necessarily the person who has scored the most goals or assists. Please take the time to think about which player on your team best fits this description.

We reached out to the 2019-20 Keystone Winners to have them tell you why playing hockey is so awesome and they did not disappoint. Below you will see our winners and why they think hockey is awesome and what it means to them to win the Keystone!

Tryout Information and COVID-19 Safety Procedures

Below you will find links that take you to the COVID-19 procedures we are implementing and the information about the upcoming start of the season and tryouts.

COVID-19 Procedures

This year we will start the season with a couple weeks of skill sessions to help players transition back to the ice before tryouts begin on October 11. You can click here to go to the OYHA tryout information page.