The Mouse House

A Court case; Brown Mouse against the defendent Grey Mouse

The Case

The Grey mouse rented Brown mouse’s house for three weeks and kept up with his payments, but when Grey mouse went to clean the house up for the next renter of the house, when he found damages within the house. Brown mouse took pictures of the damages with an automatic dating on the pictures. Brown mouse then got a lawyer and scheduled an arraignment to file an indictment of vandalism against the defendant Grey mouse and got them to make an arrest. Grey mouse got the subpoena, but he paid the bail. He signed up for a public defender, since he could not afford one. Once the petit jury and the witness was called, the prosecution began. Both trothed to not commit a perjury and the Judge heard both their arguments. Afterward the witnesses and evidence was shown. After all arguments were heard the jury voted and their vote was that they convicted Grey mouse of a misdemeanor and since Brown mouse did not want to take part in plea bargaining Grey mouse had to deal with his verdict. Later the Grand Jury decided Grey mouse’s punishment, Grey mouse tried to appeal but it was hastily refused.

By: Laney Larkins