Hip Hop Dance

Starts August 27th, 7pm, W1-501

Join the Hottest Dance Class Around

Taught by the One and Only Ceech Hsu

Appeared on America's Got Talent!

Starts August 27th, 7:00pm at W1-501! Stop By!

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KIN*047A*29867 Hip Hop - Introduction (The Beginning of it All Made Easy!)

KIN*047B*29866 Hip Hop - Beginning (Start Here and Dance Like a Pro!)

WHP*003F*27785 - Hip Hop - Funk Styles (Get in the Groove and Have Fun!)

WHP*003X*27790 - Intermediate Hip (Learn Step By Step Advance Techniques Easily!)

Frequent Q&A

Q: I am too nervous to dance in front of people

A: Do not worry! Everyone learns at their own pace, as long as you try and attend class that is what counts. Keep in mind to learn how to dance you need to DANCE!

Q: I want to take Intermediate, but how skilled do I need to be?

A: It depends on how well you can dance. Do you know how to keep on an 8 count? How fast can you learn steps? What is your style? Do not be shy and try!

Q: Do I have to Perform?

A: We do perform at times near the end of the Semester and a few times throughout, but do not let that scare you! You do not have to perform. It is good practice, and something I recommend everybody try at least once, but you do not have to, and we can find something else for you to do instead.