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Accessing Library Online Catalog

  • When you are on campus, you may just type in in the address bar to access catalog.

What is Follett Shelf?

  • Follett Shelf houses the district's ebook collection----1,600+ ebooks on all genres.

  • Just like any catalog, Follett Shelf can be searched by KEYWORD, AUTHOR, TITLE, SUBJECT.

  • Our ebooks can be read using our school ipads.

  • Brytewave K-12 Edition is a free app ebook reader you can download into your own ipad or iphone. (Get URL link from me after downloading this app.)

  • Most ebooks cannot be accessed simultaneously (one user at a time).

  • To open/check out an ebook, you need to log into Follett Shelf: room extension #

  • Ebook checkout = 5 days (unless you return it early before due date)

  • Limited Access vs. Unlimited Access

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