Fair Park Physical Education

December 2015

Teacher's Corner

We have finished up our soccer unit. The main focus of the games we played at each grade level was dribbling and ball control. We are now in our basketball unit where we will focus on dribbling, passing and shooting.

3rd and 4th graders have been wearing pedometers daily in class which have made them more aware of how hard they work in class and motivated to get more steps each day. Ask your child how many steps they are aiming for each class and different exercises they do to increase their steps and meet their daily goal.

We have started to incorporate jump rope into our warm-up periodically. Jumping rope is great for coordination, agility and cardiovascular endurance. Its also a simple activity to practice at home-all you need is a rope and some room to jump!

6 Pin Knockdown

Mrs. Sedlar's 1st grade class playing 6 Pin Knockdown.

All Star Basketball

Mrs. Willmas's 3rd grade class playing All Star Basketball.

Family Fitness Night

The first Fair Park Family Fitness Night was a huge success! We had about 140 adults and children come and participate in fitness stations that were set up throughout the school. Afterwards we enjoyed a healthy snack donated to us by the PTO. We also had a great group of adult and HS volunteers that helped out.

It was so successful that we have decided to have another one on Thursday, Jan 21st. Look for details after Christmas break!

Jump Rope for Heart

Our Jump Rope for Heart kickoff will be on Jan 11th. The actual event will be the week of Feb 8-12th and that will be when donations are due. Please remember, your child does not need to raise $ in order to participate in the event.

Look for more information coming home after break. If you raised $ online last year watch for an email in the next week.

If you want to check out Fair Park's website the address is: http://jumphoops2016mwa.kintera.org/fairparkelem

Below you will see a picture of the new incentives this year. We have said goodbye to the ducks and have introduced the pups!

Big image

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I want to wish all of you a safe and happy holiday. Here are a few ideas for getting the kids active and out of the house. Hopefully we will get some snow!!

Playing in the Snow

  • Making a snowman (or snowwoman) takes a lot of work, exercising your muscles and your heart perfectly.
  • Gather your family and friends for a good old-fashioned snow ball fight. All of that running, ducking, and throwing burns several hundred calories per hour. Keep it safe—no hard-packed snowballs, no ice, and faces are off limits.
  • Even making snow angels works out your upper and lower body.
  • Sledding is great because in order to enjoy the fun of flying down the hill, you have to walk up first—and everyone will want several turns. Add challenge by making your own trail up the hill. The resistance of walking through untouched snow offers a great workout!