Socioeconomic Status Privilege

What is Socioeconomic Status?

SES is measured as a combination of education, income, and occupation; commonly conceptualized as the social standing or class of an individual or group.

SES in Relation to Education

-Research indicates that children from low-SES households and communities develop academic skills more slowly compared to children from higher SES groups

- Initial academic skills are correlated with the home environment, where lowliteracy environments and chronic stress negatively affect a child’s preacademic skills.

- The school systems in low-SES communities are often underresourced, negatively affecting students’ academic progress

Quick Facts

-Children with higher SES backgrounds were more likely to be proficient on tasks of addition, subtraction, ordinal sequencing, and math word problems than children with lower SES backgrounds

-A nationwide study of American kindergarten children, 36% of parents in the lowest-income quintile read to their children on a daily basis, compared with 62% of parents from the highest-income quintile

-Children from low-SES environments acquire language skills more slowly, exhibit delayed letter recognition and phonological awareness, and are at risk for reading