Special Education Teacher

Someone who teaches children with disabilities


- You must have a license and a bachelor’s degree in education and special education

- Some states require a master’s degree in special education

-All states require special education teachers to be licensed to teach special needs children

- Most states make teachers complete a program about teaching ( 1-2 years)

This Special Ed Teacher's Real-World Lessons will Inspire You | Class Act

~Odds of getting the job~

Well, because being a special education teacher is seen as a tough field, the chance of you landing a job as a special ed. teacher is quite high.

~salary- 55,060 USD~


- Lack of appreciation

- Tons of paper work

- Creating a unique way of teaching for each student


They say if you have patience, the drive to continue, and love what you do, you will stay in this career.

~Why I choose this job~

This is my dream job. Working with those who have a disadvantage is something I can see myself doing. When I see students and the bond they have with their teachers, I find it inspirational. Being a teacher is like a super power. Having the ability to change people's lives one step at a time is down right amazing.