An Evening with Jessica Lahey

Author of The Gift of Failure

Join us as we learn from Ms. Lahey and her New York Times best selling book:

"As you read Jessica Lahey’s new book, “The Gift of Failure,” a picture emerges of childhood today unfolding the way a young person learns to drive, except the car is the kind with controls on both sides and the parent riding shotgun is quick to take the wheel outright rather than letting the kid figure it out. Together they arrive at the destination — college, the workplace or simply chronological adulthood — but the child was really just along for the ride."


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Author Visit: Jessica Lahey

Wednesday, Oct. 11th, 6:30-7:30pm

LCE Library

Flintridge Bookstore will be selling copies of the book at this event. Please fill out the form below if you plan on attending.