The Next Generation of Computer

Glazio's innovative product

What is Glazio?

Glazio have plans for the future of computing - one with their products at the head. They aren't interested in updating old software, for better, faster, cheaper models. Glazio leave that to their rivals, and then leave them in the dust.

CEO Mr E. X. Cellent said recently: "We want to change the face of computing forever. There is nothing more important than progress, so we're making the big leaps."

What leaps?

Glazio want portable computers, but on a whole new scale. They want the kind of portable computer that can be used anywhere, but is light and functional. They want a touch screen, but they don't actually...want a screen at all. This is the crowning glory of the Glazio; it's barely there. The Glazio is a computer and a projector. Stick it against any glass surface, turn it on, and begin.

How do you use it?

Once turned on, a light projects the "screen" onto the surface of choice. Then, it's used like a touch screen; touch to click and drag and all the rest. It works by picking up precisely where your finger breaks the light beams, and knowing that that's what you selected. It then sends this information into the body of the computer, and works as usual.

The Glazio is still a concept, but a very real one.

It's expected to be with us in 2016