By. Lauren Oliver. Rajit Ghai, Nicole Jordan,

Discussion Questions

What do you think happened to her dad? He went to the Wilds and started living with the invalids.

What are those kids doing at the co-Ed party? They are just having fun because the government doesn't allow for that kind of fun. They weren't worried about a rebellion but they were having fun.

How do you think Lena's disposition will change throughout the story? She will become an Invalid so she'll be much more open towards rule breaking and live a carefree life style.

How do you think Lena's relationship with Alex will change throughout the story? He will convince her to leave the city and go to the wilds and marry her.

Where have you seen the theme you chose in the book come up so far? She has become much more open and she is hopeful that she will be happy. Because of this, she goes to these parties and enjoys her last summer.