Welcome To Planet Earth

by:Gavin Markman 1st hour

Here are some things you need to know before you can have fun on our planet!

Three ways to separate the Earth

  1. Climate zones
  2. Time zones
  3. Continents

The reason this it important

  1. Climate Zones: to pack for the weather, and to see how cold or hot it is somewhere
  2. Time Zones: if you go into a different time zone, it will mess up your internal clock
  3. Continents: to know where you are at in the world

Opportunities & Challenges

Atlantic Ocean, Paria Canyon, Grand canyon

Atlantic Ocean Challenges-
  • pollution hurting animals
  • hurricanes
  • floods
  • tsunami
  • NOT fresh water

Atlantic Ocean Opportunities-
  • attraction
  • swim with the sharks (and other animals)
  • beach
  • warm sometimes
  • open to other states

Paria Canyon Challenges-
  • not much water (bring your own)
  • 38 mile hike to get there

Paria Canyon Opportunities-
  • attraction
  • really cool rocks (if you really like rocks)
  • hot not cold

Grand Canyon Challenges-
  • air pollution
  • habitat loss
  • little water pollution
  • old mining activities still there

Grand Canyon Opportunities-
  • attraction
  • global icon
  • hot
  • nice river there

She is swimming with the sharks!

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Packing list

  1. summer clothing
  2. swim clothing
  3. snacks (if you get hungry on a hike)
  4. camera
  5. pack for extreme changes in weather
  6. plenty of protection from the sun
  7. bring LOTS of water

Suggestions For Other Places To Visit

  • Pulpit Rock, Norway
  • Jeita Grotto, Lebanon
  • Verdon Gorge, France
  • Ayers rock, Australia
  • Fricks cave, Walker Country, GA

Travel Tips

  1. Atlantic: Dangerous marine life
  2. Paria Canyon: cliffs, big river & 200 foot arch
  3. Grand Canyon: Don't fall! there are no railings at the west rim of the canyon