The Renaissance Culture

By:Edith Gutierrez

Different Types of Cultures to Explore

The Renaissance culture goes way back into the 14th century. It kept into the 15th century. This time was the Middle Ages. It is was like a rebirth of many cultures and learning since the fallen of the Greek and the Romans. It was a time for new beginnings and opportunities.

One of Many Cultures

One of the many cultures of the Renaissance is art. The Renaissance has many different types of art which include music, paintings, dance, and many more.


The Renaissance culture included many types of dressings. They depended on what they were or what they worked at. For instance, the royal queens and princesses wore beautiful/exotic gowns and dresses. Kings and princes wore elegant clothing. Beggars normally had only some rags to wear. While pirates could wear some different clothes. The options varied.


There was many type of food in the age of the Renaissance. The noble people usually had an exotic meal while beggars or poor people only ate eggs and some other types of low cost food. Again, it was really based on who they were. Some people also sold food as a living.
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Art and Paintings

Many people created beautiful pieces of artwork as their living. They got money by selling their paintings. Usually paintings symbolized something. Some paintings were made for the noble people. Others were made in streets by artists who painted the community. There is a variety of types of paintings made back then.


There was a different style of architecture back in the Renaissance ages. It really depended on what people lived like. For example, the "poor people" usually lived in small cottages and shacks. The people that were rich, just not of royalty had modern houses. Last but not least, the royalty/noble people lived in castles

Getting to places (Transportation)

Back then, there weren't the luxurious cars that there are now. There were different ways people got to where they needed to go to. Usually people traveled by foot or rode wagons/carriages. Again, it depends on the type of people they were.


There was several different types of dances back then. Everyone danced including the nobles, poor, and many other people. It could be as entertainment, as a job, or just because of simple pleasure.

Spoken Language

The language that was spoken at that time is very similar to the one we speak today. They had en European accent. It's like a combination of English and other languages. If someone talked to you in the language they talked back then you would practically understand everything they said except for maybe a few words.

Here is the language that they spoke.

Religion of the Renaissance People

The common religion they had back then was a Roman Catholic religion. They had Roman Catholic Churches.


Music back then was played by instruments. It was in between religious, civic, and courtly music. It could express happiness, sadness, horror, and many more other feelings. Music was sometimes played for the royal people. Some people played it on the streets to earn their living. Others just for entertainment. It plays a big role in the Renaissance culture.
Renaissance music ~ instrumental

Some of the Renaissance History

The Renaissance period started in England. It started in the late 14th Century all the way to the early 17th Century. It was when all these cultures took part of the world. The French word Renaissance means rebirth. Literature study was invented in the 14th Century. Literature is a part of the Renaissance culture. There were many more events that took place in the Renaissance period. They all made part of its culture. That is why culture was so important back then. For more information about the many occurring events you can click on the following link.
Renaissance History

Click on this link to explore and research about events that occurred in the Renaissance period.