Sarantos - Valentine's Day

Sarantos Releases New Music Video For New Love Song "Valentine's Day".

Valentine's Day is a well known holiday that is celebrated once a year. It's commonly referred to as a day of love. Since Sarantos feels like love should be celebrated throughout the year, the aim of this new music video was to make something that fans can watch any time they want, regardless of what the calendar says.

Just as surely as Valentine's Day can be appreciated on any given day of the year, Sarantos encourages everyone to take a brief moment each day to tell those in your life that you love them. "I love you" is a phrase that is not said enough. When the words are distinctly thrown at a lover, child or friend they have an impact that might not be immediately apparent. The words echo in our hearts though and are imprinted forever into our memory. They can be recalled at any a future point in time when we might be down on our luck or in need of a shot of confidence.
Sarantos Valentine's Day Official Music Video - New Top 40 Love Soft Rock Song