The olympic report

Sport and society 4th period By: Gavin Freckman

Part 1: Olympic ideals, Coubertin Vs. Modern Day

Are the ideals of Coubertin still alive in the olympics today?

No the ideals are gone, not only are men competing but women. And it is no longer an amateur event it is for professionals from all over the world. There are top athletes from all over the world now competing for fame and pride for their country. But most of all for money. I understand that there can be a professional olympics but also there should be an olympics for just the majority of people, an amateur competition. This would give everyone an opportunity to feel accomplished and proud of doing something not only for winning or not, but for going and competing. Coubertin wouldn't know that the olympics are alive today because women are competing, its a competition, and also its only for professionals.

Part 2: New Olympic sport, Esports.

What sport do I believe should be part of the olympics?

Esports is an evergrowing community in the world, games are growing rapidly and they will played throught time. Games have been a big part of the world with some parts of the world where sometimes kids are trained at a young age at a school to specialize in video games, almost like how in some parts of the world they send kids at young ages to start training for the olympics. There has been talk of putting Esports in the olympics, and even talk that it might make it into the 2020 summer olympics. Esports has high media coverage and would bring more and more people around to watch the olympics and give gaming fans the biggest competition to watch. There are already world competitions every year for most games in Esports right now, but if there was an olympics it would be more of a hyped up event. It's easily held, and it would be easier to host, but there would have to be expert annalists to commentate on the games.