Pure Determination

By: Shaye Plonis

Ross VS. Maroney

Mckayla Maroney and Kyla Ross have very different aspects of coming back to training after the 2012 London summer Olympic Games. After the Games, Kyla knew she wanted to get right back to the gym so she would KNOW she would be ready for the next games in 2016. On the other hand. Maroney wanted to wait and get all of her injuries take and care of before she went ba to training.

Don't get me wrong, they both have their eye on the 2016 summer Olympics. The Olympics were held on July 28th 2012 and Kyla was right there back in the gym, and was ready to compete at the 2013 World Championships in Jeselo, Italy.

On a different aspect, Mckayla really was just shooting to be ready for the 2016 Olympics held on Rio, but first, she had to overcome a huge adversity in her life. She had to experience a knee surgery. Olympictalk.nbcsports.com states, "Maroney, 18, isn't ready to compete after under going knee surgery in March to repair a fractured left tibia.

Overall, Maroney is dying to compete in Rio but in reality, who do you think will be more prepared? The girl who has been training and competing for 3 years, or the girl who hasnt fully came back yet?

Douglas' Trouble

Gabby Douglas had a really hard childhood and had many obstacles in her way. Gabby was born December 31, 1995 in Virginia Beach. Gabby and her family had issues with money. She had difficulty. She struggled with training and lastly she had a hard time with confidence.

The Douglas family struggled with money and at one point, ended up with no home and lived in a car. Soon after Gabby's mom left her husband and she was now a single mother.

later in life, due to money loss Douglas went to Iowa to train with Olympic coach Chow and stayed with a host family because she and her family knew she had a potential they could not afford.

Gabby trained so hard for the Olympic Trials and at one point, she took all the information in and realized it was a lot for her. She struggled to think she was good enough and wanted to quit. She took a little break and rethought her decision and went right back to it.

Douglas made it to the Olympics and realized all the hard work was worth it. She doesn't regret any of the decisions she made.

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McKayla Maroney Interview - 2014 Secret U.S. Classic