NA All The Way

A guide to fall sports at NA

Taboos, Norms and Folkways in sports

A taboo at Newark Academy is skipping a sports practice or game. If you do this you will get a detention. A folkway at NA in sports is trying your hardest no matter the score of the game. A norm is to have good sportsmanship and not to injure other players.

Girls Sports

There are some sports that are only for girls, some that are only for boys, and some other sports are co-ed. In girls soccer there isn't an A or B team their is just team. During practice the girls team does a lot of running, they do more running then the boys teams do.

In the fall tennis is offered for girls but not for boys, in the spring though their is tennis for boys but not girls. The high school tennis team is top ranked in the state. On the girls team in Middle School their is normally two matches a week and each player plays in one of the matches.

Another sport offered for girls is field hockey. The field hockey team has the most games out of any team in the Middle School. This year the team isn't doing to well. They haven't scored a goal yet.

Boys Soccer

Another of the sports options is soccer. In soccer their is an A and B team. The A team has the best players and they focus more on winning then the B team. On the B team you do a lot of drills to try to get better.

Cross Country

At Newark Academy Cross Country is offered for boys and girls. In Cross Country you run one to two miles each day. There also is cross country meets one or two times a week. The high school team runs for over an hour each day.

Culture in sports at NA

Sports is a big part of the culture at NA. As students, we are required to play a sport each season as part of our non material culture, because it is good for our bodies. The material culture in sports its have safe equiptment to protect ourselves.