Noticias de Palisades

September 2 2021

A Message from Principal Sarlos

Queridas Familias,

Felicitaciones! Ya Estamos en Jueves! Thank you for sharing these amazing children with us! We've had a joyful first few days.

Below please find a few tips on how we can continue to improve the school experience for all our students.

Remember Thursday (today) is early release and school will end at 2pm instead of the usual time of 2:40.

Just to clarify regular school hours:

Every day, school starts at 8:10.

The tardy bell rings at 8:20.

School dismisses at 2:40

Except for Every Thursday, we dismiss at 2! Teachers participate in Professional Learning Communities.

Arrival & dismissal Routines for Parent Pick Up

To Ensure the Safety of Our Bus Riders

Thank you for your patience as we collaborate with STA to train new bus drivers in learning all the new students and their routes.

Please complete this Google form (the link is below) to let us know your child's bus route and bus stop (cross streets).

Some improvement we believe we can make (bus riders):

For Our Parent Drivers

We want to make sure everyone is safe and to have a quick pick up, to help all parents pick up their child as quickly and safely as possible.

  • Please have a sign with your student's first and last name and teacher’s name displayed in your passenger side front window or on the passenger side dashboard at dismissal.
  • Please have any car seats or booster seats on the curbside of the car. Staff can help your child load and buckle if needed.
  • Please don't park in the carline or fire lane and walk in this stops the flow of the pick-up line

For Our Walking Parents

If you are walking your child to/from school, please plan to say goodbye on the walkway on the east/ left side of the building.

We want to keep the covered sidewalk area near the front doors available for only students and staff.

On Thursdays (earlier dismissal), all buses will arrive 40 minutes earlier to their stop.

Please Communicate with Us if Pick Up Plans Change

All parents: Be sure to communicate your regular go-home plans (and any changes) with your child’s teacher. If there is a late in the day change, call the office at 503-534-2345. This needs to happen before 2 pm (on Thursdays before 1:15pm)

Drop Off Notes

Our first bell rings at 8:10, which signals that children can enter the school from their designated waiting areas. We will start having the K, 1 and 2 kids enter their classrooms at 8:10 as well and just head to their classrooms now that the kids know where they are.

The second bell rings at 8:20, this is when classroom instruction begins and all students should be present. If your child arrives after 8:20, when staff is no longer waiting to greet them at the curb they should enter through the office.

We don't have enough staff to supervise lots of children before 8:10 as teachers are still prepping for their days. Those of you who have students who have signed up to come in at 8 because you have students in two Elementary Schools, your children may enter at 8 and go to the gym.

Lunch Routines

Picnic lunches have been going well. Thank you for sending in towels.

Students sit spaced 6’ apart outdoors or in the designated areas supervised by their school staff for lunch. Dress accordingly, as we may be outside.

When the weather prevents us from eating outside, students will sit spaced 6’ apart indoors supervised by their teacher or in another supervised space in the building.

Safety and Evacuation Procedures

At Palisades and in all of LOSD, we use the Standard Response Protocol to help staff students and parents prepare for an emergency. One important component of this is evacuating the building (otherwise known as a fire drill).

We will practice evacuation drills monthly beginning one day next week. Teachers and staff will prepare students for what to expect and where to go during an evacuation drill before we practice with the fire alarm.

More information on the standard response protocol can be located here on the District website.

Save the Date

9/2 - First early Dismissal 2pm (every Thursday)

9/6 - Labor Day - No School

9/7 - Elementary Strings Parent Information Night

10/6 Back to School Night

10/8 - Professional Day - No School