4th Grade

Mrs. Burns, Mrs. Carlson, and Mrs. Conley

Friday, September 4th, 2020

Welcome to 4th Grade!

We are so happy to have you as part of our team! It has been a busy week getting to know your children along with many new routines and expectations for this school year. Students are doing an amazing job adjusting to these changes and we are so very proud of them!

Below are the videos that Mr. B created to share with students on part of the new routines and expectations. Enjoy!

Do's and Don'ts - Wearing Masks
Do's and Don'ts - Social Distancing
Do's and Don'ts - Hand Washing
Do's and Don'ts - "Covid Conscious" Greetings


This year based on feedback from families, the district has decided that all grades, K-12, will be using the learning platforms of Blackboard and Google Classroom. Since school started on Tuesday, we have been working with your child on learning these platforms. Yes, there have been kinks but we are all learning how to work through these problems together.

The purpose of Blackboard is to provide lessons, materials, and resources. The purpose of Google classroom is to turn assignments in and receive feedback from teachers.

For apps on the iPad, these are the following apps that we will be using daily:

  • Blackboard

  • Google Classroom

  • Explain Everything

These apps are ones that we will be using throughout the year.

  • Jamboard

  • FlipGrid

  • Google Drive

  • Google Docs

  • Google Slides

  • Sora

  • Epic

We have been completing “assignments” and then practicing turning them in on Google classroom. You will see them listed in your child’s Google Classroom, but know that none of these are really being graded at this time. As the year progresses, and we get more into content, Google Classroom will be where students will turn in their assignments to be graded and where teachers will be providing feedback.

One thing we are trying to figure out right now is what student iPads are doing. Some things work on some iPads and not others. One thing we would like to make sure of that the iPads are up to date with the current iOS system. So if you could check your child’s iPad, that would help.


4th grade readers are learning new routines and expectations for reading in a 4th grade classroom. Students will need to “pre-order” their library books from our school library through the destiny website. Here us a helpful video on how to put books on hold.
We will be starting our first Language Workshop Unit: Community next week. The essential question is “How does diversity impact a community?” We will be reading books that support discussion around this question. Our first book is called Hands Around the Library.

Math Workshop

We have started math workshop with a focus on growth mindset and the idea that everyone is born a mathematician. Our unit for next week is Algebra, they will be working on extending number and shape patterns, determining a rule to a pattern and sharing special features of number and shape patterns. Math terms that we will continue to review are “multiples” and “factors”.
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