Andrea Aragon

Student at Houston Academy for International Studies

Andrea Aragon Hernandez

Andrea Aragon is an American born Mexican. She is a citizen of both the United States and Mexico who is fluent in both Spanish and English, and has played the clarinet and the violin both for three years each.

She has had a deep love of reading since she was a child, and Andrea graduated from her Elementary school with one of the highest AR (Accelerated Reading) points. Throughout middle school she studied French, was involved in a drill team, the school orchestra, and received the Duke TIP award.

In High school she participated in a Mariachi band in a community recreational center, a Mexican ballet folklorico group, and became a student and the D.R.A.W. Korean academy. She is Microsoft Word 2007 certified and has passed the AP Spanish and the AP World History exam with a 5 and 4 respectively. She is currently the co-leader of the Community Service Organization and is working on starting a library at her high school.

In the future Andrea wants to go to college and become an architect. She wants a college experience where she works hard, learns new things, aside from her formal education, and experiences a world different from the one she is used to.

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