By: Bryce and Fuzzy

Where they lived

The Mohawk Indians lived in what is now Northern New York and Southeastern Canada. They lived in the Eastern Woodlands region. They also lived before the 1700's. Their territory extended from the Delaware river to the St. Lawrence river. Their population is 47,000.

How they lived

The Mohawks lived in longhouses, wigwams, and tipis. They got their food by fishing, hunting, and growing crops. They hunted bears, wolves, deer, turkey, and foxes for meat and clothes. The men wore breech clothes with leggings, and the women wore wrap around skirts with shorter leggings. They all wore moccasins.


About War

The Mohawks allies were the British and the other five nations and their enemies were the French and Algonquian. Men were the only ones who went into war. The Mohawks carried on great wars against the Indians of Canada. In 1628 the Mohawk defeated the Mahican. They were also affected by the French and Indian war.


Nine Mohawk chiefs represented their tribes interest in the Iroquois council.Meetings take place throughout the Mohawk valley. The Mohawk spokesman declares negotiation fraudulent. For education the men taught the boys how to fish and hunt while the women taught the girls to weave and house keep. They were given jobs as common laborers which didn't interest them. Lacrosse is one of the traditions preserved by Mohawk territory. Wampum beads were traded as currency. The typical farm does not earn enough money to support a family.