Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid friends

Crypton Volaloids live at the Centaur Cheltenham

For the first time!

Hatsune Miku, the worlds best virtual diva, is coming to Great Britain for the first time! She is bringing along all of the Crypton gang, including Luka, Rin and Len, and for the first time, MEIKO AND KAITO.

The holograms are here for only one night in the Cheltenham Centaur, so get your tickets now online!

CV01 Hatsune Miku - Luka Luka Night Fever - Live Party 2011 SAPPORO
Hatsune Miku - Rolling Girl - Live in Sapporo
32. Hatsune Miku - Purple Butterfly on your Right Shoulder ~ Project DIVA Live Solo Concert 2010 HD