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DMS 2015-2016 Calendar

The official calendar for this school year

School News

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Back to school Bookmark contest!

•2015 back to school Bookmark Contest Deadline: September 26 @ 2 PM

•Starts: August 31

•Size: Aprrox. 2.5" x 8"

•Should be made by poster, paper or card stock if possible

•Choose any element of reading, books, the library, characters, or authors.

•Neatness and originality count!

•Your name, grade, school, and home phone number should be written or typed plainly on the back of your entry.

• No digital artwork.

• one entry per student.

- Sponsored by the friends of the Daphne Library

County Fair Sweet Potato Cook Off

Ms. K. Taylor's students will participate in the Sweet Potato Cook Off in Robertsdale September 23, @ 4:00 PM.

A Message from the Superintendent

DMS Staff Directory & Emails

This is the list of staff directory and emails at Daphne Middle School

Classroom News (not all classes listed)


Nettles - Topics sentence test Wednesday, No Red Inc due Thursday, Vocabulary quiz Friday.

Lindsey - Covering Cells the whole week.

Smith - Quiz Thursday for both classes.


Holt- Freedom Flix form of government Monday, What do you think questions and become homework if not done Tuesday, Work on outline Wednesday, Outline due at the end of Thursday, Current Event due Friday.

Kinard - Chapter 2 test Monday 9-21


Boone - Pre Algebra: Solving 2 step equations

Algebra 1: Begin Chapter 3

Surrey - Working on Egypt

Law - Starting looking Glass Wars. Students must purchase book.


Madison - Finish Diary of Anne Frank

Garafola - Pre Algebra: starting multi step equations

Algebra 1: Transforming formulas and word problems


Career Technology (Schneider): Students will be presenting their Prezi's on Health Science careers and teaching the class, as part of the Health Science and Education clusters.

Art (Bittinger): Students will create all 12 colors of a color wheel, but they will use overlapping shapes instead of a color wheel.

Family & Consumer Science (K. Taylor): Learning child development.

Peer Helpers (Blake): Suicide Prevention: The Link Between Traumatic Events, PTSD, Depression & Suicide

Local law enforcement chaplains will review the effects of traumatic events and suicide.

21st Century Skills (Pearson): Students will work on blogging.

Choir (Trawick): Students will judge quality of music theme parks using QR Codes.

Band (Thomas): Students are learning new pep rally song "The Avengers". Students will site read christmas and competition songs, and work on All County scales. Students will have a scale contest.

Around Campus

Upcoming Events

September 22- Open house @ 5:30

September 23- 7th grade bowling field trip @ 8:30

September 24- World of Opportunity field trip 8th grade

September 25- Picture Day

September 30- 8th grade skating trip

8th Grade World of Opportunity Field Trip

On September 24th, the 8th grade at Daphne Middle School will be be participating at the SAWDC World of Opportunity field trip. This field trip will help the 8th grade students figure out what they might want to do when they get older. The companies that will be attending range from Airbus to Fox 10. Students will be able to participate in doing what these employees do for a living, like making a brick wall or being a news anchor. It will be a super exciting field trip that everyone will be talking about.

Clubs at DMS

NJHS- NJHS is now starting to collect dues. They had their first meeting yesterday. Congratulations to the new Officers!

President- Max Brown

Vice President- Trey Shields

Secretary- Holly Yazdi

Treasurer- Madelyn Byrne

Historian- Jordan Sampson

TSA- TSA's first meeting will be on September 23 after school in Ms. Schneider's room. The meeting will start at 3:00 pm and end at 4:00 pm.

Fleurettes- The Fleurettes are now able to order their t-shirts. They also had their first meeting this week and have over 50 members!

Yoga Club- The Yoga Club at Daphne Middle School was a great hit. Many people signed up for it and attend it every Wednesday. At the club they stretch do arts and crafts and most importantly yoga! The yoga club was a big hit this year at Daphne Middle School.

Out of the Darkness Walk

October 18th 1-4pm. On Sunday at Daphne City Hall. For more information, got to DMS website, go under activities, click Peer Helpers and click on the left 'Out of the Darkness'.

Coastal Cleanup

The Fleurettes will be participating in the Coastal Cleanup at May Day Park on September 19 at 8:00am to 10:00AM.



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Cross Country

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Social Studies Teacher at Daphne Middle

What middle school did you attend?

She did not attend school. She was homeschooled.

What activities were you involved in?

She played volleyball. She was very involved in her youth group at her church.

What were you like in middle school?

Mrs. Holt was constantly drawing outfits. She babysat so she could buy her own clothes, not the ones her mom bought her.

What were your favorite bands and TV shows?

Her favorite TV shows were Full House, Family Matters, and Beverly Hills. Her favorite band was dc Talk.

What was your favorite thing in middle school?

Her mom bought her a boom box and also bought her detachable speakers with it. Mrs. Holt says that music was her favorite thing in middle school.

Art of the Week

Solar Oven Pizza Box

In Mrs. Schneider's class, students made solar ovens out of pizza boxes. They took the ovens they built outside and melted chocolate and ate it with marshmallows and graham crackers. Delicious!
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