A foreign country project by Caleb Baker

My introduction

Ireland has been known for a ling time i'm irish your Irish some of your may be Irish but ireland is a beautiful people who know it may say it is filled with sheep and potatoes but no its not actually its a great place its like going to britain nice games and nice sight seeing so i am going to tell you all about its pros and cons so you can be prepared fell great

There money

In the U.S we have dollars in Britain, pound's but in Ireland it is euros which if you convert us money into euros like one dollar it makes .88 cents in euro one British pound you get 1.24 euro which is 24 cents over a British pound which is not a big change really

since it is 24 cents over a British pound but still its worth exchanging money over objects or gifts there .


If you want to go to Ireland ant time soon that would be great it is a place of fun and laughs instead of potatoes and sheep it is beautiful and fabulous which is what we all like so i hope you like what i said in this project