How The Resources Should Be Used

By. Cody Peters I Am Doing The Loggers

What We Want As loggers

What we want as loggers is to keep cutting down trees because it help the government. We want to continue having access to the Amazon so we can still send off wood to businesses that make houses and furniture. We also want to continue to clear cut without other people arguing with us. We want to continue to get our job done so we can make our money for our families.


What We Plan To Do As Loggers

What we plan to do as loggers is to continue going in to the Amazon and cutting down the trees. What we plan to do is to keep on sending off the wood that we cut down to places that make houses and make furniture. What we plan to do is to keep on doing our job. What we plan to do is to keep on clear cutting and we do not care if other people get mad about it is a faster way off cutting down trees. That is what we plan to do as loggers.

Cody Peters