4-H Bits & Bytes

Warren County 4-H Newsletter, February 17 2022

Upcoming Events:

Feb 17: Advisor Update, Zoom, 7pm

Feb 19: Trip & Scholarship Interviews, Extension Office

Feb 26: 4-H Open House, Event Center, 10am-1pm

March 1: Enrollment Help, Zoom, 6:30pm

March 12: Ohio Volunteer Conference, Columbus

March 14: Quality Assurance, Event Center, 7pm

March 24: New Member Orientation, Event Center, 7pm

4-H Enrollment

Enrollments can be completed at v2.4honline.com. If you need help enrolling, please refer to https://warren.osu.edu/program-areas/4-h-youth-development/club-enrollment for guidance or email Taylor Stevens, Stevens.1068@osu.edu. The deadline to enroll is April 1st, if you would like to participate in the 2022 Warren County Fair. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO ENROLL!!

Enrollment Tips:

  • Double-check all projects! If you sign up for the wrong projects now, you will not be able to make fair entries for missed projects and will not be able to take that project to fair.
  • Cloverbuds can only sign up for project #715 My 4-H Cloverbud Year.
  • There is no companion/pet goat class at the Warren County Fair. If you want to take a goat to the fair, you will need to sign up for a different project.
  • Volunteers: All adult volunteers must enroll too. Please select "Club Volunteer" and do not select any projects.

4-H Open House

Spread the word about the 4-H Open House coming up on February 26th from 10 am-1 pm. Let's keep growing Warren County 4-H numbers! This is a come-and-go event.
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Lottery Lamb

The Warren County Fair and the Nahrup Family are committed to trying to have a lottery lamb class at this year’s fair. We will not be able to make any final decisions about the prices for lambs this year or the date for the lottery until March 15th. The lottery will be held on an evening during the week in mid-April. The reason for the delay is due to the current prices being received for feeder lambs at livestock sale yards, not club lamb auctions. I am talking about normal commercial lambs being sold at United Producers or Mount Hope. The current prices are significantly higher than the $200 we charged per lottery lamb last year. The Nahrup Family is committed to trying to make the price for lottery lambs as affordable as possible. We are going to delay opening the lottery lamb program until March 15, 2022, to see what the price of lambs does in the next month.

Greg needs the following information emailed to him (meyer.213@osu.edu) by February 28th if you are considering doing the lottery lamb program this year. This is NOT an absolute commitment to the program. It is an attempt to see how many lambs we may need to have available.

Name of 4-Her:

Parent’s Name and Phone Number:

How many lottery lambs are you considering for purchase (Maximum of 2)?

What is the highest dollar amount you are willing to spend per lamb?

If you have questions, email, or call at (513)695-1311. The turnaround time from when we open registration until the registration deadline will be quick, so spend a little time discussing this project as a family now.

Quality Assurance

Every 4-H member who plans on exhibiting market livestock or lactating dairy animals is required to attend one session of Quality Assurance each year. One parent is required to attend with exhibitors. All QAs will be in person at the Event Center and starting at 7 pm.
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Dairy Cattle Projects

We’re starting a new fair season and are really excited about Dairy Cattle this year! If you have ANY questions, please visit us at the 4-H open house on February 26th or call Kelly Wilburn at 513 490 9660, Lynn Collins 513 678 5047, or Lauren Adkins 513 594 0419. Our goal is to focus on the 4-H’er in showmanship and overall dairy knowledge as well as to teach the community some aspects of the dairy industry. With dairy projects, you don’t need to own the animal. Most of the cattle can be leased and returned to the farm when the fair is over. We also try to match the size of the cattle to the size and experience of the 4-H’ er as well. We want this to be the best experience possible!

This year we are going to conduct a grooming /showmanship clinic hosted by Clinton County at the Clinton County fairgrounds in conjunction with Warren, Fayette, and Greene counties. The date has yet to be finalized as well as the presenter, but we are shooting for the end of March or early April. More info to come as it develops. We are also exploring the possibility of field trips to a local creamery, ST Genetics in South Charleston, and the Spring Dairy Expo in Columbus which is at the end of March.

These are just some ideas and we welcome others from all of you as to how to make this a great year! We also need to discuss our Dairy display and presentations for the fair this year. We want the community who attend fairs to become more educated in how their food is produced as well as experience the Dairy Cattle. Our little calf that was in the barn last year was a great ambassador for Dairy! Hope to see you at the Open House or please, give us a call!

Promotional Events

The 4-H Committee has formed a promotional/fundraising group within the committee. The goal of this group is to encourage new membership of youth and advisors to Warren County 4-H. Kevin Lawson is willing to go to any potential stores, organizations, schools, or events that he can promote/discuss 4-H possibilities at. If you have anything coming up please contact Kevin Lawson, 937-776-7737.
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