Down Syndrome

Camryn Zell - 6

What is Down Syndrome?

Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder, Down Syndrome is caused when a baby is born with an extra Chromosome this happens when a pair of Chromosomes fail to separate during egg formation. This extra Chromosome is the 21st Chromosome

Is Down Syndrome the Moms Fault?

Down Syndrome is in no way, shape, or form caused by the moms pregnancy. In fact the parents dont usually know until their baby is born that there new baby has Down Syndrome. A lot of people just asume that the mom might of done something like drink while pregnant. Down Syndrome is not passed down through the family.

How do You Know Someone Has Downs?

There are a lot of physical features that someone with Downs has that no one else has. Most of the time you can tell by the face usually they have slightly slanted eyes with small skin folds at the inner corner of the eyes, they usually have a flattened nasal bridge,and a short neck. People with Downs have speech delay so you might not be able to understand them all the time. Most people with Downs have poor muscle tone.

Is Downs curable?

Down Syndrome is not curable at all if you are born with Downs you will have Downs for the rest of your life, that is not a bad thing because you can treat it. People with Downs will go to physical therapy and occupational therapy. Physical therapy will help them be able to run around and play easier. Occupational therapy will help with fine motor skills such as carrying a egg across the room without dropping it. People with Downs are born with heart defects and will sometimes have to have surgery for it.

What can People with Downs do?

People with Downs can do any thing you can do it just my be little more challenging. There are many Cheer squads, gymnastics teams, baseball teams, dance, and so much more out there for special needs kids and adults there is even a Worlds Special Olympics made just for them which is just a little more laid back and easy. Again they can do anything they put there minds too like riding a bike they may not learn till they are 13 but practice makes perfect. People with special needs are not Dumb they are very smart yet it just takes a longer time to understand things