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SBAC Question of the Week

Last week we introduced the SBAC Question of the Week. This week, with your coach, you will begin to have your SBAC VoEs. As you begin these meetings, it will be important to analyze the different question types students will see on this assessment. Take a look at how we analyzed a new question type: Evidence-based Select Response, two-part multiple choice response (EBSR)
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Claim 1:

  • Students can read closely and analytically to comprehend a range of increasingly complex literary and informational texts.


Part A: Which sentence best describes the author's main idea in paragraph in paragraph 1?

Part B: Which detail from the passage best supports your answer in part A?

Question Type:

  • Evidence-based Select Response, two-part multiple choice response (EBSR)

Students need to:

  • (Content Understanding) Determine the main idea and the supporting details.
  • (Question type Understanding) Understand that Part A is asking students to make an inference. In Part B, students need to find the evidence that best supports their inference.
  • Understand that these questions are connected. They need to consider both the question and response when answering Part B.

Strategies to help student (similar multiple response)

  1. Paraphrase the question in their own words
  2. Go back to passage, make an inference or conclusion that that is supported with evidence
  3. Answer Part A- Eliminate choices and explain why other choices are incorrect. Think: "Is the inference or conclusion one of the choices?" If not, read through both questions and responses.
  4. Answer Part B- Identify the choice that is most similar to the evidence that supports Part A and that you identified to support the inference you made in Part A.
  5. Check both part A and B to make sure the evidence supports your the inference or conclusion you made in Part A.

Common Pitfalls of Selected Response Questions

  • Do not realize that Part A and Part B are one question and depend on each other.
  • Eliminate choices with difficult vocabulary or alternatively choose based on length of response.
  • Do not read through all responses before answering, instead they choose the response that seems correct as they read through them.
  • Rely on their schema more than then the text.


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Chaka Hajji, RDP, reading Dear Juno to her Kinder class. Through well thought out think alouds, utilizing anchor charts, and varying types of talk, her students were able to share out Juno's motivation in this sentimental story. Don't worry- I won't ruin the ending!


Tools for Targeted Teaching Time

Targeted teaching time is your opportunity to observe both what students have mastered and what students need to work on. This time is brief and requires a careful eye. By having a tools that help you quickly evaluate students work, you can be more strategic and this time is truly targeted.

At RDP they are using a tool to track students' responses to the mastery measure question. Each week, they specifically analyze the responses of their bottom tier students.

Take a look at what this tool looks like below.

Targeted Teaching Notes Page: Teachers complete and analyze this with their coach

Targeted Teaching Template: Blank template


SBAC Lesson Plans

You will be able to access SBAC plans this week in the SBAC Lesson Folder. Please reach out if you have any questions about the lesson plans and how they should be executed . Your coaches and the Humanities team are happy to think through the best way to internalize and be ready to execute these plans.

SBAC Binders are Ready

Bay Area teachers, your SBAC binders have arrived! 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teachers, your binders have arrived to your campuses. If you have not received it yet, please reach out to your coach. You should receive a binder for each grade level you teach. Inside you see the tools that you will need for your upcoming SBAC VoE meetings. Please reach out to Brooke if you are missing a binder.

Just a reminder that soft copies of the SBAC claim documents can be found on Box.

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