Leadership Team Virtual Meeting


Alan November

Alan November was the guest speaker at iLead this week. His website contains a multitude of information, videos, articles, and resources for inspiring change and motivating learning.

A few items to note:

  • Don't do the same work with new "techie tools" because you will get the same results. The tool becojes the "$1000 Pencil."
  • Kids need to be taught when to use which tool--using new tools moves problems up the thinking chain, allowing teachers to redesign assignments to match the power of the web
  • Give students problems and questions where they “can’t just look up the answers” on Google
  • What do you do when a kid has a question you (the teacher) can’t answer? You, the teacher, can now demonstrate how to learn something you don't know!
  • Ask yourself the "Transformational 6" Questions to determine if you are using the $1000 pencil (image below)
  • When searching Google, teachers and students should know and use the 16 operators
  • Assessment should not be the end of the work, the “I don’t have to work on this anymore…”
  • “Curse of Knowledge” -- a first time learner struggles, and someone who knows the subject well doesn’t have empathy to help; therefore, the other kids with some knowledge are the best ones to help
  • Hattie Rankings--which things you are doing that have the most influence on learning and achievement

Here are a few of his favorite tools to use in the classroom:

  • Wolfram Alpha--a computational knowledge engine for anything you want to know
  • Easy Who Is--check the background of websites to determine validity
  • Way Back Machine--internet archives from websites; enter URL and then choose the date
  • PRISM--tool for K-12 that allows you to input any text and color-code the text into 3 categories that you determine; creates a "wordle" type document that shows the thinking of the entire group
  • Versoapp--collaborative, online teaching tool that gives students voice and makes teaching and learning visible
  • edX--free online courses from the best universities

SBIC Meeting #1

Tuesday, Oct. 20th, 3:45pm

8500 Gifford Drive

Plano, TX

New action steps have been drafted based on the PPPA survey results done by department.

This year's first meeting will be a little different...we will break into small groups to review drafted goals and gather input from all stakeholders before final submission.