Save the Seahorses!

So beautiful, so delicate. Seahorses are being over-harvested, not as a food source, but as a decorative curio. The brighter their color and the more ornate their features, the higher their demand. They are captured alive to be displayed in aquariums, and they are dried out (and painted) to be used as ornaments and jewelry. While it's natural to want to admire such fascinating creatures, it can't be at the expense of their species!
Seahorses live among coral reefs, changing color for camouflage. Their eyes work independently, so they can look forward and backward at the same time! Additionally, Seahorses have excellent eyesight and they use this to hunt for food. They form life-long partnerships with a mate and wake up early each morning to play with each other. Seahorses are also the only species where the male has a legitimate pregnancy. Only 1,000 baby Seahorses will survive to adulthood. Don't take more.
Cute Seahorse Swimming - Video for Kids