Anorexia Nervosa

By Danielle Hernandez 6/10/15 A2


Anorexia nervosa is a very devastating eating disorder. It sometimes goes by the nickname anorexia instead of the anorexia nervosa. It is an eating disorder that can cause people to obsess about losing weight and food. It can be caused by many things such as bullying, painful childhood, or even unresolved conflict. Doctors don't really know how this is but also most people with anorexia are people who are perfectionists or overacheivers.

Who Can Get It?

Anybody can find themselves battling anorexia. It is rare, though at the same time not really. Many girls in America have struggled with this disorder even some older women. Even boys can have this disorder. It isn’t just for girls. This disorder is may genetic. If one of you relatives or family members struggled or struggles with Anorexia or another eating disorder there is a possible outcome of you getting one too, but it may genetic. It can be triggered by something emotional inside them about their figure. Many patients that have anorexia tend to be teenage girls or young adults between the ages 15-25. There are cases where people are older or younger but most times this disorder can be caused by bullying, thus the many teens struggling with the horrible disorder all over the world. This disorder is not found in any one place, it is something that people become. It can be found in places all over the world. Though some places have more cases than other.

What causes it?

Symptoms and Diagnoses

Some symptoms involve:

- Behavior - Anxiety

- Weight Loss - Slow Heart Rate

-Fear -Binge Eating


Most cases can be self diagnosable. Not all cases can be diagnosed by a doctor. They are usually easy to self diagnose because of the very noticeable symptoms.

Treatments and cure

The treatment for this is to help the patient gain weight with an easy eating schedule. Some useful tips are:

1. Meet with a doctor on a daily basis

2. Meet with a counselor on a daily basis

3. You can beat anorexia with a team of people such as a family member(s), a doctor, a counselor, and a dietitian.

4. You will need someone who can supervise your weight gain

5. In a serious case go to a hospital for the right care

It can be cured. With lots of help it can be overcome, though it can vary the amount of time it takes for each case. It depends on how fatal it already is. Also there are no medicines that can help cure the disorder.

Is Anorexia Fatal?

This tends to be a common question doctors say from patients with the disorder.

It can be very fatal. Many die from it. Many cases that are very fatal are hard to recover from, and most do die.


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