My Digital Life

Kaila Davis

TV Broadcasting

In the mornings, I have to prepare all of the equipment for BDTV newscast. It's important that everyone is prepared and at their stations for the newscast. We're a unit and everyone has to communicate and work together. Being the director for the week, I have to give que's to the anchors so that they will know when speak.

I love music.

Music is calm, understanding, and joyful. No matter the mood, music is always in my ear. I easily get distracted in class or while in a conversation whenever a song I like comes on. Music creates memories and there whenever you're alone. Without music, there would be no love.

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Instagram is a new highly addictive drug that is used by 10 to 35 year olds. Uploading a picture can cause a sense of confidence if taken a selfie. Somestimes hallucinations of being a model, thug, or photographer. I am a instgram addict and I love to take pictures or look at my friends pictures. It is very entertaining.

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The Power of A Camera

When in a good mood, I like to take pictures with my cell phone. Now days, cellphones have great guality cameras installed in them. With my pictures, I share them with friends on Facebook, Instagram or I can print them off my phone and frame them. There's a lot that I can do with my Camera including recording video.