Isaac Harris

All about the Shirtwaste King

The american... Good life?

Isaac Harris came to America as a poor immigrant from Russia. he was a Jewish man and he went to work in sweatshops, most sweatshops were not a very fulfilling job. he worked for 10-12 hours a day. Isaac soon met Max Blanck, they would eventually end up with one great scheme. But for now they made 6 dollars a month.


A sweatshop is a factory or workshop where worker work for long hours and work for low wages. Its kind of funny how Isaac ended up going from poor to rich, working at a sweatshop... and then working at a sweat shop.

The Fate of the Fire

during the fire Isaac and max were making a lot of dough, although not many websites or books could tell how much they made, but what did was that they had to pay 80 bucks to each family that lost a member in the fire, however they made 400 dollars out of each person. This brings me to the fate of the fire. During most work hours Isaac and Max would lock the doors so that the workers couldn't leave work (which mainly happened because they went on strike). They created a harsh environment for the workers there. when the fire did happen the doors were locked and as you know "don't use the elevator in case of a fire!" so all the workers went croak. In fact 141 of them died, and only 86 were identified. After the fire they were fined for manslaughter.

Great ( not really they're bad) Fires

San Francisco Fire, 4/18/1906- 3000 deaths

Not major But Local

Jefferson capital building in missouri, 12/7/1911