Our Response to COVID-19

The staff at the Community Foundation has shifted its operations to virtual systems. Please continue to keep in touch with us by email or phone. Here’s the bottom line for us: We will ensure we continue to get critically needed grant funding out into our community.

During this time, a trip to the grocery store may feel scary. The volatile financial markets add weight to the worry.

Here’s one way to take-action. Make a gift to the Community Emergency Relief Fund.

When you do, you’ll be part of our community’s resiliency, healing, and future.

Our professional relationship with the nonprofit community strengthens our expertise and knowledge of charities that have canceled galas and face lost essential operational income . . . core service agencies that have shuttered doors and face laying off staff . . . and, organizations that have staff clocking in overtime to meet this surge of need.

With your gift to the Community Emergency Relief Fund, we’ll work closely with local organizations that help families with hourly wage earners and no personal leave to deal with furloughs and shut downs.

Help us help our neighbors who face unpaid rent or mortgage bills, looming car payments, unexpected medical expenses, and more.

Our neighbors are facing the worst kind of hardships. Together, with your help, we’ll get through this as a community.

The good news is we’ve got the tools to flatten the curve and spread of COVID-19:

  • Stay home and embrace quality time. Avoid social interaction in every way you can to curb the possibility of infection.

  • Shop with your neighbors in mind. Don’t hoard or overstock supplies. If we take home only what we need, then everyone’s needs will be met.

  • Wash Your Hands and Wipe it Down. Have you heard that singing the “ABC song” takes you right up to 20 seconds, the perfect hand-washing clock? If you’ve been out in the community, wipe down doorknobs, phones, purse handles, and backpacks as soon as you return home.

  • Make Your Gift. You’ll help someone you may never meet from your own backyard, but your backyard will be all the better off because of you.

Thanks you. Stay safe.


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