Puppy Pound Update

January 25th - 29th

* Sparkle Words *

This week in writing we talked about how to add sparkle words to our stories. We talked about how sometimes we might not write the word we really want to use in our stories because we are scared we wont know how to spell it, but then we went over ways we can help ourselves find a way how to spell it! Then, we brainstormed some sparkle words that sounded cool to us!

After we brainstormed our sparkle words, we went back to one of our realistic fiction stories we have been working on to see if we could add any of these new words. We even came up with ones on our own that went along with our stories!

Snow Globes

This week, they continued to work on their snow globe stories. They almost finished typing their stories on the chrome books, so next week they will get to share these masterpieces. I hope you are as excited as I am to see their final touches all come together!

AR Picnic

This week, students who reached the AR goal of 250% or higher got to join me at lunch time in the teacher's lounge. We enjoyed a fun time in the lounge talking throughout our whole lunch! David and Ryan were both a pleasure to share my lunch with! :)

Top Dog - Brendan

This week, our top dog was Brendan! Brendan enjoys Jazz music, and his favorite movie is Star Wars. He love to go to car shows and look at all the cars there. Brendan is the youngest of three siblings! He has an older sister and brother.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

In your child's Friday folder, you will find an orange paper with your conference time! Please send that paper with your child back to school on Monday so we can make sure we have a time that works well for you to meet! I am more than willing to meet with families who need a modified day or time. I can also do phone conferences if needed. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

-Miss C.

Miss C.

Here is another picture of my dog Wyle! :)