Mesopotamia Monarch Update

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Breaking News!

Laws have been posted!

King Hammurabi of Babylon has written down the 282 laws that the people of Babylon are to live by. Now, there can be no confusion as to whether you have broken the law or not. It has yet to be decided whether this was a positive or a negative advancement.


People react to Hammurabi's Code

My mommy recently was taken away from me. My daddy explained to me that she was auctioned off to another man. I don't know what he means, but I miss my mommy. - Friar 5 years

My neighbor accused me of stealing his wheat. I was then thrown into a river! I mean, come on! I didn't even steal his wheat! When I came out of the river unharmed, the

law enforcers killed my neighbor. I'm glad I'm alive, but I think that the punishment was a little harsh. - Keshkesh 27 years

Reactions to Reactions

Hammurabi reacts to people reacting to Hammurabi's Code

I am sorry kid, but it is just the law. I can't do anything about your situation. Sometimes the law isn't exactly fair.

Hey, Keshkesh, are you sure you didn't steal his wheat? You could have taken his instead of your own. I mean, the gods decided you were innocent, so... I really can't go against them. I'm sorry if your neighbor was a good friend of yours, but there is a harsh punishment for slander.


74 people have disappeared!

After the recent death of Queen Shub-ad, 74 people were reported missing in houses around her palace. Our sources have their suspicions, but the most popular one is that they went down into the tomb with her and died with her to be with her in the afterlife.

The Army is ready to march!!!

Sargon ready to attack Assyrians

Sargon, king of Akkad and general of the first permanent army, is ready to lead a full on assault on the Assyrians to make them pay for all of the raids they have made. The army plans to attack at midnight and sneak into the city through the rivers and catch the king and his bodyguards unawares. Many people are skeptical, but most believe that they have a chance of finally taking them down.

It's Official!!!

Gilgamesh declared part god!

Gilgamesh, king of Sumer, has been declared to be 2 thirds god, 1 third human. Scribes all over Mesopotamia are writing down his epic adventures. Most of these include battles against fearsome monsters and creatures.

Read Up!

The Library is Open!

King Ashurbanipal of Assyria has opened the first large, public collection of clay tablets in all of the land. He scavenged all places to find his very extensive collection of stories, epics, and all other forms of stories. People from everywhere are flooding the library to see what kind of writing they are missing. More people than expected a day are flooding the shelves and reading anything they can.

Construction is under way!

The Temple of the Goddess Bau

Administration of the construction of this temple has gone to Queen Shagshag. She is employing 1000 to 1200 people per year to work for her personally and to build the temple. Some think this is a bit excessive, but others think this is perfectly reasonable.

Who Rules Where?

Do you know who rules the land?

Match the ruler to where he rules.

1. Akkad

2. Babylon

3. Assyria

4. Neo-Babylon

5. Sumer

a. Hammurabi

b. Sargon

c. Gilgamesh

d. Ashurbanipal

e. Nebuchadnezzar

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