NAESP and NCSM Conferences 2013

Highlights and New Ideas


Favorite Sessions:

Promoting Equity Through a Growth Mindset

~Jo Boaler

Helping Teachers Connect Assessment of Numerical Proficiency in Classroom Instruction

~Marilyn Burns

Math and Movement

~Suzy Koontz

Keynote: Danica Patrick "Go Math"



Todd Whittaker: "What Great Principals/Teachers Do Differently"

Eric Jensen: Teaching with Poverty in Mind

Michael Fullan: Motion Leadership

Freeman Hbrabowski and Arne Duncan: focused vision/Q and A


IPad Essentials for Leader ~Justin Baeder

Maximizing the Role of Team Leader ~Jon Vander Els

Twitter 101 ~Joe Mazza

Flipped Communication ~Peter De Witt

What Principals Need to Know About Teaching Reading ~Patricia Cunnigham