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My Challenge to You

I hope that all of you have enjoyed your spring break and you were able to actually get some rest as well as do something for yourself. As we prepare for the last push of the school year I want you to think back to your "Why". Why do you teach? Why do you work with children?

We spoke about the why earlier this year. Dr. Ealy shared his why and I shared my why with you in August. I asked you to think about your why and I know that some of you have because we have had individual conversations regarding your why. If you have not really given it much thought I am encouraging you to do so. I feel that being in touch with your why is what will help motivate you, help inspire you, help keep you going when things are difficult.

As we continue to grow and change together as a learning community being in touch with the why is what will keep us on track as educators and lifelong learners. We want students to develop their love for learning so they continue to grow and be successful when they leave Oakwood. In order for them to do so we must provide an example for them to follow.

Think. Achieve. Succeed.



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Remember to turn in your Comp Time to Marla if you have not done so already!


Week at a Glance

Monday: Progress Report Grades Due 4pm; Oakwood Faculty Picnic Lunch; AVID Site Team Meeting 4:15 AVID Room

Tuesday: ARD Meetings; AVID Coaching Visit; School Board Meeting-- No Faculty Meeting

Wednesday: AVID College Spirit Day; Progress Reports go home; Mann at Principals Vision Institute

Thursday: Mann at Principals Vision Institute

Friday: Happy Friday

TELPAS Testing All Week.

GT Testing All Week.