EOQ Review - READING Centers*

Monday - Wednesday


Group 1 - Hailey F., Tie yana, Hailey S., Kendall: Center 5, 6

Group 2 - Anthony, Madison, Cameron, Xander: Center 6, 1

Group 3 - Jamere, Marissa, Alyssiea, Jackson: Center 1, 2

Group 4 - Andrew, Kent, Jersey, Zanivyyah: Center 2, 3

Group 5 - Damesha, Paige, Ny'Likk, Preston: Center 3, 4

Group 6 - Kaylie, Aubri'anna, Aiden, Brooke, Paris: Center 4, 5

Center 1 - iReady Reading - Anywhere in the Room

Complete iReady Reading during this center. Remember, I can track and see who has been working and who has not been. Your activity time on iReady will be a grade!

Center 2 - Point of View Review with ME! - Round Table

Based on your CFA data, point of view is our lowest standard as a class. Therefore, you will spend this center with me reviewing point of view and (hopefully) leaving with a better understanding of it.

Center 3 - Plainly Predatory Questions - In a Desk

Go onto Learn and go into the EOQ Review folder in ELA 2nd Quarter. Open the Plainly Predatory passage. Begin reading it and answer the questions on pages 84 and 85. We will go over this and it will be graded.

Center 4 - Conjunctions, Prepositions, and Interjections CFA - In a Desk (ALONE)

Go onto Mastery Connect Bubblesheet link to take the conjunctions, prepositions, and interjections CFA. I know it has been a while since we talked about these, but I want to see what you remember! The code is 312537. Take your time and try your best.

Center 5 - Wordly Wise Week 7 - Anywhere in the Room

Go onto Learn and begin working on the Wordly Wise Week 7 lessons. One of these lessons will be for homework this week. I will tell you which one at a later time. Get through as much as you can now. If you finish, you may get on the Week 7 Quizlet. We will take the CFA on these words on Friday, January 8th.

Center 6 - Empowering Writers Argumentative Activity - In a Desk

Go onto Learn and open up the Argumentative Activity worksheet in the EOQ Review folder. READ THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY. In this activity, you will need to write two paragraphs to support the PRO and the CON. You may annotate this sheet, open up a pages document and write it, OR write it in your writing notebook. It is up to you.

Early Finishers*

If you finish any of these centers early, you may go back to the Wordly Wise Week 7 Quizlet and practice your words. If you did not finish Plainly Predatory questions during that center please make sure you go back and finish those questions BEFORE quizlet.