November 18 - November 24

Week at a glance



12-1:30 Safety & Security Audit


3:00 5th grade parent mtg.

By 11:45 tonight ALL grades need to be entered for progress reports


9:35 - 3rd grade RTI


4th grade choir

1st grade RTI


MJ off campus all day (learning leaders)

5th grade Outdoor school

2:00-2:40....Sped Thanksgiving Feast

Print Off Progress Reports for any student with a 74 or below


5th grade Outdoor school

5th grade choir

6:30 PTA meeting in gym


Thanksgiving theme spirit day

8:30 CRE spelling bee (PE in room 102 during this time)

CRE Luncheon (sign-up genius)

Send home progress reports


Teacher STaR Chart MUST be completed


11/25-12/1 HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!





Team leader mtg

RTI 2nd grade


4th grade choir


3:10 - Faculty meeting (please bring NO technology)


5th grade choir


Mad Science

6-8 Polar Express Night

Spirit days

November 22-Thanksgiving Theme (Native Americans, Pilgrams, Turkeys, etc.)

December 6th - Pajama Day for Polar Express


"We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses."

~Abraham Lincoln

November & December Birthdays!


25 Jennifer Timm


7 Mary Ashmore

22 Jessica Lewis

Updated Information


* I checked all doors Frida afternoon and 5 were unlocked. Just a reminder, your doors should always be locked. When you leave for the day, please make sure you remove the magnet and your door is closed.

*Please make you are watching the time during recess. Students should have 30 minutes...from the time their lunch is over. This includes the time it takes to walk to the playground. Thanks for making the most of our instructional time.

*New technology you want to share with CRE staff? Let us know so we can schedule our next Techno Tuesday!

*When you are using the Mac Airs with your class, please make sure that the students are actually turning them off (shut down) before they close them and plug them in. Let Angela A know if you need help with this.

*These weeks continue to fly by! The end of the 3rd week of this 9 weeks is this Friday, Nov. 15. Grades need to be up to date for progress reports before Monday, Nov. 18th at 11:45pm. Please print your progress report by next Wednesday, Nov. 20th and send them home in the Friday folder on Friday, Nov. 22nd. Remember new this year for CRE: progress reports only get printed/only sent home with a student that has a 74 OR BELOW IN ANY SUBJECT.

*Teachers 4th and 5th-Please talk up the Geo Bee. Preliminary tests will be in your box along with the info you need to go along with it. The Bee will be in January (tentatively Jan. 10) as it was last year, in the library with contestants and parents. Thanks in advance for your help with this. We couldn't do it without you! JoAnna and Julie

*In December, Mary would like to do a Dental Care Lesson for your kids. Please look at your schedules and let me know a good Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday that we could do this.

*Jennifer Wolf's baby shower is scheduled for December 9th:) More info to come soon.

Coyote Pride

~Fourth Grade would like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Mrs. Jacobsen and Krista for helping us with our Break out Bunch Skyward groupings!!!

~I did an observation in Ms. Heyen's room. She is implementing some great things in her classroom and her students are highly motivated to learn… as well as very well behavior! You go girl! -Neal

~Shout out to Dani Sloman for the helpful technology lesson last week. Without a doubt, it was greatly appreciated! ~Jennifer Hudspeth & Jennifer Powers