SCC CAPS Tech Solutions

August/September 2019 Newsletter

General Update

Since the beginning of the school year, the Technology Solutions Associates have developed their professional business skills, built resumes with cover letters, created LinkedIn accounts, and engaged with professional business partners through guest speakers and site visits.The associates have just begun their business partner projects that will take them to the end of the semester.
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Professional Skills Development

Site Visits

Charter Spectrum

The associates had the opportunity to meet with Charter Spectrum Network Engineers to learn about cyber security and computer networks. Along with a Q&A, they were able to see the server rooms where Charter Spectrum stores computer network that support voice, data and network services.
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Enterprise Holdings

Technology Solutions first site visit outside of Charter Spectrum was to Enterprise Holdings in order to learn about cyber security and digital forensics. Craig Sohn lead the group through the different departments and answered all the great questions associates had. Along with learning about cyber security and digital forensics, the associates had the opportunity to see the day-to-day operations of different employees in various departments.
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The associates visited EPC, a St. Charles-based company that reuses old electronics and gives them new life. At EPC, the associates toured their workshop along with their organization systems for recycled electronics. The IT department also gave advice regarding interview tips and what it takes to be successful in their specific line of work.
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One of the highlights of SCC CAPS so far has been the site visit to Boeing. Both the AM and PM sessions attended this amazing opportunity. The associates were invited to the Immersion Development Center where they explored the world of Virtual Reality (VR) and its applications. After getting some hands-on experience with VR, the associates attended a Q&A session with Boeing employees from various departments. They got to ask questions regarding college, internships, and how to go above and beyond with networking. The associates ended the day by hopping over to St. Louis Community College to learn about their Boeing Pre-Employment program and had the opportunity to work with some of the tools they use in the program.

Stauder Technologies

Stauder Technologies is a company that builds software for the U.S. Military. The associates had the opportunity to see their programs used in real time and ask questions regarding coding and how to be successful in the workplace. Stauder Technologies is offering unpaid student internship for the second semester, and this was a great way for students to see if they would like to work for this company!
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Hi-Tek Mobility

The associates had the opportunity to visit Hi-Tek Mobility, one of the leading prosthetic developers in the United States. Not only were the associates exposed to various machines and technologies, they were given great advice on how products can always be improved and to never settle. It was also interesting to see how technology, engineering, and healthcare can be blended at a company.
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Business Partner Projects

Student Resources


Schoology is the program the associates utilize to turn in their reflections, weekly updates, and other various assignments. It mimics the platforms professors use in college and ensures the associates learn the importance of deadlines.

Grok Learning

Grok learning is an online program that teaches code along with other computer science concepts. Currently, the associates are completing a lesson about cyber security and how easy it is for malicious people to find your information. Grok learning blends videos, lessons, and interactive activities to ensure the associates are retaining the information they are learning.

Process Improvement with Edward Jones

The Technology Solutions and Global Business & Entrepreneurship strands met at Lewis and Clark Career Center for training from Edward Jones about Process Improvement. The associates spent two days learning about how to make projects more efficient with hands-on learning and teamwork. They were even given the opportunity to obtain a white belt certification with Lean Six Sigma, which they can include on resumes and their LinkedIn profiles.
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Guest Speakers

Parent-Student Associate-Instructor Conferences

Wednesday, Oct. 9th, 4pm to Thursday, Oct. 10th, 6pm

2400 Zumbehl Road

Saint Charles, MO

Parents are cordially invited to attend the fall CAPS Parent-Student Associate-Instructor Conferences. These conferences will be student-led presentations. They will be held at the Lewis & Clark Career Center, in the Multipurpose Room on the following dates/times:

Wednesday 10/9 from 4 PM - 8 PM

Thursday 10/10 from 7:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Thursday 10/10 from 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Thursday 10/10 from 3 PM - 6 PM

St. Charles County CAPS Program

The SCC CAPS program immerses students in professional environments where curriculum has been developed by industry professionals ensuring what is taught in the classroom is relevant to the workforce. In technology solutions, students learn to utilize technology in order to design products and solve business problems. In addition to working with technology, students have the opportunity to learn important soft skills and build their professional networks before venturing into the workforce.