Dogs For Adoption

Dogs on adoption in Singapore

Why don't just buy one?

The best way to go against the puppy mill industry is to not purchase puppies. If the demand for puppies decreases, more puppy mills will go bust and close down. Choose to adopt instead and save a life. There are always many dogs looking for loving homes – visit the animal shelters and get acquainted with our furry friends.
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Did You Know.......

Nowadays, irresponsible owners are starving their dogs or abandoning them just because they are not as young as they were in the past or just because they are sick. We think that if YOU CANNOT uphold the responsibility of taking care of a dog for its whole life, then you should forget about buying one. Dogs are not only for a season---they are for a lifetime.


Where to adopt one?

These are the places to adopt a dog:

-Action for Singapore dogs

-Animal Lovers League

-Dog Mill Rehomer

-Society for the Prevention of Crueltly to Animals

This Is My Dog, Woofy!

Let me introduce you to my dog :3

Credits :D

Done by: Gigi Yap Bao Qi :) & Ng Zhi Yi :D & Sok Teng (sister)